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Closet Cleaners Foundation! Reaching Out To The Needy!

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The Rental Home Was Burned Down.

Landlord refuses to work with family.

The family barely escaped with the clothes on their back.  Delilah and her husband called to report that their Down Syndrome son, trying to imitate some young neighbors who are smoking in their neighborhood, lighted a lighter which started the fire.  Thanks to a daughter who was awake, the rest of the family managed to run out of the house.  Not without a few bumps here and there.  In the confusion created by heavy smoke and fire, they only thought about their 4 kids.

The loss of their belongings has taken an emotional toll on the family.  It is coupled with the fact that the father was to receive his last unemployment check the same week.  The mother was between jobs. 

If you want to see how the contributors of round2  donations helped them out, consider that a small amount of money ($20.00) and two bags of clothes containing children's toys, clothes, adult clothes and t-shirts were received by Closet Cleaners Foundation.  Even a radio was received and donated.  "Wow, this radio will help my daughters," exclaimed the father.  "You know, they are pre-teens.  They like music a lot." The family came to pick up their items.

We want to thank everybody who participated in this round by giving information about public agencies that can help these parents. 

Let's all make generosity an infectious thing among us in the community. 




Round2 Pictures

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