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Closet Cleaners Foundation! Reaching Out To The Needy!

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We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.  Remember that Closet Cleaners is a peer-to-peer, person-to-person grass-roots movement.  From the bottom of our hearts, we want to reach out to others!

Free Membership: Join now!

How Can You Join?

How to become a member:
a.  Adopt the philosophy that "we have been the recipients of so many gifts all throughout our lives."  All we are doing in this project is to "pay it forward."
b.  Find a group of people in need and extend yourself to them.  They could foreigners, national and international students, elders, people with disabilities, homeless etc.  It does not matter whether they are from this country, our community or not.  Find a way to help them with whatever donations you can give or send. 
c.  Inform us of your deeds and credits will be given to you.  If you choose to remain anonymous, you can share about the joy you observed among the recipients of your donations
d. Be willing to recruit others to this noble cause through wichever media possible.  Remember that word-of-mouth can be very efficient.

Who Can Join?

Anybody who wants to clean their closets while reaching out to others can join this organization.  Remember that there is greater joy to give than to receive!

Benefits of Joining

What you can get:
Credits To Closet Cleaners Contributors/Donors:
(We'll list round # and first names of contributors)
Closet Cleaners helps you find space in your own house and garage
You need to contact Closet Cleaners when
1.  Clutter threatens to ruin your living space
2.  You have clothes you have not worn in two to three years and no space for the new ones
3.  Your kids' toys crowd their closets and bed room
4.  You have outgrown your clothes one way or the other
5.  It's hard for you to discard old, non-sentimental objects that prevent you from getting the new ones you so desire
6.  Your garage looks like a Pick-A-Part and has no more space to store your goodies

What Can You Give?
What and When To Give:
a.  You can practically give anything you have as long as it's in good, functioning conditions.  You can donate anything that a person could use to better his/her life:  clothes, shoes, food articles, money etc.
b.  If they are clothes that need to be washed, repaired or sewn, please get them ready!
c.  Your commitment to clean your closets and garage every year or more often is important to us and others for the continuity of this heart-to-heart program.  So Join us in our creative ways of serving others.
d.  You can give any time you can.  Contact us via e-mail first if you want to send donations to our agency.
Who Are The Direct Recipients Of Your Donations?
The recipients cover a large group of people in need.  Among them, we find the following ones:
1.  People with developmental, physical and mental disabilities
2.  Single parents and welfare recipients who have trouble making ends meet
3. Healthy, sick or hospitalized  Kids whose parents can't afford to give them toys
4.  National and international students.  We have lots of foreign students among us.  Depending on how we treat them, they can be free-lance ambassadors of the positive aspects of the American culture.
5.  Elderly or Mature citizens in needs
6.  Anybody else who presents a legitimate need.  As long as we receive the requested items, we'll make arrangements to deliver them to that person.
7.  Overseas Mission Fields such as Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico etc.

Closet Cleaners Foundation* (for boxes)
13762 South Bethel
Kingsburg, CA 93631